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I haven't been writing for a long time. I don't know why but I am much happier now, which means I can write deep things if I am upset. Anyway, I'm in a creepy mood right now, so here it goes guys. Today, in school, we read something which was pretty profound. It was about death, and how it scares everybody bla bla bla. But actually, people are creating the stereotype concept of death which looks scary and dark, I don't why whether we are affected by books or movies, but death is not something to be scared. I mean even now, while you're reading this, you're dying. DUE TO THE FACT THAT YOU'RE EVEN LOOKING AT THE MONITOR MAKES YOUR EYE CELLS DIE FASTER AND YOU'RE IN A PLACE WHERE IT'S PRETTY RADIOACTIVE(NEAR YOUR LAPTOP). Okay, I was kidding of course, but seriously, you're dying. You think that every time you breathe, you're holding on to life, HOWEVER, as you inhale and exhale, you're one step closer to death. But, you shouldn't be scared, every birth ends with a death, you're not scared that you're not going to live 100 years, people are scared because, the concept of death is just cold and lonely. But, these don't matter after it happens, think of it like you're going to a more peaceful place, freedom, no boundaries, not even one. If you lived your life fully, then it should not actually matter at all, if you're dead or not, you have already satisfied and accomplished a lot of things, believe me. But, I'm not ready that's for sure. I see life as an hourglass. Imagine one in your head, There it goes, slowly, one more sand at the bottom.