Life becomes boring, if you watch 5 episodes of Chuck EVERY DAY. To be honest, I've got nothing better to do than lie on the bed and focus on the screen. Cha cha everyone!



Again, I'm applying a new diet on my body, let's say it's a brand newexperiment. I can't stop thinking about the amazing bakery in US called "Au Bon Pain". Btw, it means good bread in french. Here are some photos of delicious yet dangerous food.



This piece was inspired by my grandmother, she passed away a few days ago. It has nothing to do with her, but when I look at it, I'll always remember her. RIP grandma, I love you.



Since 2 weeks,
Chuck is the miracle that makes me think I can be a CIA agent one day, and keep the government secrets in my head.
Pretty Little Liars makes me realize that everybody has secrets on their own, and if someone else learns that secret, it's no longer a secret. And also makes me want to have an undercover relationship with my 'hottie' teacher.
Harry Potter makes me go to my fantasy world where I don't have to worry about anything apart from dragons, spells and Voldemort.
Kucuk Sirlar makes me wanna puke, and shows how my country is copying every american tv show and presenting them like their own by changing the name and not the plot.