My dear friend "I" dropped by to my house as usual. We discovered sth really interesting, and gave it a try. The results came out marvelous! We could have been better, but we ended up in agony, because our knees we're wounded and we had bruises every where, long story:) Anyway enjoy.


Colour inside them

I just love horses, I think they're the most innocent living thing in the entire universe. The look in their eyes, their fur, their muscular body. Unfortunately, they are not treated nice by people. Throughout their lives, they are dragged to carry heavy things and to be tortured with a whip. They are even scared when they see a mouse 50 times smaller than them. It was pretty emotional and essential for me to take this photo, to capture the moment. Isn't he adorable?
PS: I'll start to ride again hopefully this year, wish me luck!:)



This is a combination of our petit photoshoot, it's a bit lame, but anyway enjoy.



Im very exhausted right now, I just need a foot massage(because all the nerves go through our feet:) anyway or even I can relax in water, lake, sea. I'm just obsessed with water lately. I also ditched two friends of mine today, but they also ditched themselves too, so no problemo. However, have a good night. Sleep well. I'll definitely do that.


Last Night Like Hell

Last night me and my friends went out to celebrate the birthday of one of my closest friends. We travelled all across the Istanbul streets, Nisantasi, 'Cities', Bebek, and the last thing I know was, we ended up in a place called"Joke Circus". It was amazing, just like its name it's like a circus. First we ordered some huckleberry vodka, it was served so amazingly, it had huge ice cubes in it. Anyway, the first show was a cute fat pink-haired woman with glitters singing a french song. She literally fucked up the language "French" and our ears. The last time I saw her, she was naked haha. Anyway, the second show was 3 japanese girls doing gymnastics on a huge table. The third one was the best, the girl had curly colourful lashes with a huge yellow hair from 60's, she had a the tinniest waist with the corset, just like Dita Von Teese. Anyway we ate dinner, I had tortellini with Cafe de Paris sauce, just like 5 other people did. After 11 pm the restaurant became a club and everyone became alive like an animal. However I had to be cut from the fun at 12.30 because of 'Momster and Dadster'. I sincerely recommend it.



Im really bored right now and the worst part is that I should have been studying for my biology quiz, hopefully he forgets it tomorrow. Anyway, gotta pee, bye.



Oh my god!! I'm going nuts right now. I've always been an unlucky person even though I am superstitious. We have a school project called "Animated Poetry" due to monday and our film takes place in a house, however my group and I decided to shoot the film in my house. When I came back home today, I saw giant papers like it has been an earthquake, I swore like hell, BECAUSE MY ANGEL MOTHER DECIDED TO PAINT THE WHOLE HOUSE ONCE AGAIN! I couldn't believe it, like there are 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months in a year, and she chose this week, unbelievable, sincerely. Anyway, I'll try to figure out a new plan and confront my group tomorrow. Bye for now :(



The energy is inside, we just need to discover it somehow.



I just drawn it. Cause I feel it.



Here you see my foot, exactly. My favourite bracelet, actually my charm bracelet. And my favourite cloudish pants, I think of fog when I wear them. I just love toes you know, they are so cute and unique, everyone has its own different toes, they are like ID cards. And I love to put colourful nail polishes, like green, blue, pink, yellow, purple and BLACK. Maybe I have a foot fetish, maybe.


God bless Andy Warhol.

The man is a work of art.



I want every piece of these clothes in my wardrobe, 2011 might be a lucky year for me and maybe Santa could bring all of them packed with cute little ribbons:)I mean look at the glamour of bright and pastel colours, they just make an amazing combination even though they worth a fortune. The shades of these items just gave the feminine touch.



The title is pretty familiar to somebody(she knows herself:) It's kinda scary but hallways are really relaxing. I don't know why, I sound like a freak from a horror movie but they are. Even though a scary, wet, black-haired girl follows you . Even though you hear creepy sounds when you're taking your class books from your locker. Even though you see some dreadful images like hallucinations of a shadow. And even though you feel like you're nuts. Enjoy your freaky times when you're taking your books all ALONE. Hahah you never saw this side of hallways, right?



Cause maybe in the future you're gonna come back
You're gonna come back around
Maybe in the future you're gonna come back
You're gonna come back.


It don't matter what you see, I could never be
Someone that could look like you
It don't matter what you say, I could never be
Someone that could sound like you.