Don't you think that sometimes something goes wrong that you can't fix at all in your life? Don't you just want to scream and let go of everything? Don't you think your hopes just don't satisfy your predictions? I mean, AAAGGGGGHHHHHHH. That felt better actually. My life is a book, I really don't want to close it, I also don't want to turn the page all over again, I WANT TO START A NEW CHAPTER!


The Koc Schoooooool.

For the ones who feel like a loser in school

This is how you should dress on the first day of school; you should always look tanned or cover up your pale skin; these are the shoes you have to wear to look posh; wear “cool” clothes on dress-free days in order to fit in with the school fashion; every Monday morning tell your friends what you had been up to on Saturday night or make up something cool; spread rumors about popular kids, that way people will find you interesting; be around the popular kids, you’ll look popular as well; shorten your skirt, it looks as if you’re coming from Iraq; if you go to lunch in the cafeteria, you are a loser, if you eat from the canteen, then you’ll look greedy, basically do not eat anything; pretend that you’re listening to music with your huge glamorous, expensive headphones in the middle of the pyramid; hang out with your friends after you leave your bag in the service bus after school; get a Facebook to stalk popular kids or better, take photos every day and put them on your mobile uploads; always have manicured nails; go to detention if you want to skip class; if you take all of the science lessons, you’re a geek, if you don’t you are stupid; do not look excited when you talk with a popular kid; walk as if you’re on the runway when you’re on the hallways; choose a non-sense activity to socialize, do not choose math club of course; do not hang out with your parents when they come to school for a meeting; don’t waste any second of your break-time, try to blend in; everybody has a place to hang out in the pyramid during break, have you chosen yours?