I know I haven't been writing for a while, but I have a good reason. I've been rolling between classes and shopping, so there wasn't much time to write. Anyways, I'll be coming back with huge energy for my next post. Kissssss..
PS: I "love" Justin Bieber!


Im back bitches!

Hey hey,
Im in my dorm right now taking a nap with my friend Hazal and I bought lots and lots of clothes, so Im pretty happy in here. Anyways, I'm too tired to write sth long, the horrible consequences of jet-lag are still taking lead, so bye:)



It's time to say goodbye. I'm leaving to Boston tomorrow with a big sorrow, but let's look at the bright side, I'll be shopping till my credit card explodes. Yay! Anyway, it's hard to leave the non-student days, and begin a new campus life with all boring lessons, however there'll be cute boys. There will be wi-fi in my room, hopefully. So bye fellows, keep in touch.



"We have to wear clothes, then why don't we wear beautiful clothes?"
-Vivienne Westwood


Fashion, Fashion and More Fashion

Beige is my favourite color this year, however it does not go with pale skin, unlucky me:( When I go to the states, the first thing I'm going to do will be buying a white blazer, it looks amazing with everything!
Her bag is so Chanel, the spring collection of Chanel has gone like "country-side", with weird skirts combined with some ugly clogs. Vera Wang and Chanel, I hate you this season! Anyway, I really liked the pastel coloured statement jacket and her cute hair.
I adored those creamish white wedges, I mean she looks like she's in heaven with all those pastel white clothes. Though, I never liked those skirts, I don't know the name, you know the skirts with layers going down. Your but looks even more larger in them?!
This so ZARA. You can find the exact knit and high-waisted denim shorts. What can i say, it looks adorable. Through centuries denim is playing a big role in our fashion statements, so lets say: Go Denim!
Sometimes, you just have to wear a simple jumper, some leggings, gladiator shoes and then throw a scarf around your neck. Voila! It looks great.
These are very vintage as if it looks "Retro-Revival". The look of purplish blue and soft yellow couldn't have been better. The thick heels and red lips are also taking lead this year.
I liked the way she styled her black bra with a large tshirt which by the way looks like a fabric. She also put a pearly belt which also made it more tasteful. The tiffany key necklaces are back again, I can't believe, it has been years since Tiffany&Co invented those necklaces, but anyway, it looks good, right?
I lovvvvved these white pants with black and white striped knit, because they make strong "adhesion".
This is a bit contrasting fashion because she wears ballerina kinda grey skirt with tucked-in black tee and black platforms which is a bit rock'n'roll style, anyway me likey.



I am totally a chocolate and candy freak! And the worst part is that I am on a diet, everyday I eat vegetables that I don't even know their names, waking up early and going to cardio, my ass is kicked by the trainer(he is a muscle freak), he makes me work with 50 kg?! Anyway, I am trying to feed my appetite by looking at these pictures. After you see these, I am pretty sure you'll go to your kitchen, and grab a piece of chocolate or candy. Hope you're not on a diet like me:(



Life's challenges aren't supposed to paralyze you, they are supposed to help you discover who you are.
-Bernice Reagon



Photographer: MO&IA
Editor: MO
Stylist: MO


I know i haven't been writing for a while, but guess what I slept for hours and I'm dinamic today, but I feel an adrenalin rush like an energy explosion. I watched Lindsay Lohan THS and said to myself, THANK GOD I AM NOT A CELEBRITY. She fucked up her life unfortunately. Anyway gotta go, finals are not over yet, so I am stressing out right now, anyway we're all fucked up mode ON. See ya!